Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Pokemon vs Dinosaurs Macaron Scene

This is one bake that took a lot of time and planning to create because of the many elements involved! An epic battle between Pokemon and dinosaurs in space! 

I had trouble taking photos of this because something tends to be obscured no matter which angle I take it from 😅. 

Here's a better view of the individual characters. 

T-rex and stegosaurus vs Snorlax, Bulbasaur, Pikachu and Scorbunny! 

I used the swiss meringue method for making the characters, landscape and backdrop. I flavoured and coloured the large macaron pieces with freeze-dried raspberry powder and cocoa powder. 

The cratered landscape is made by using silicone cupcake cases, and waiting for a sticky membrane to form before piping on more "bumps" on the surface and using toothpick to roughen up the surface. 

The batter looks more pinkish now but more brown later on because raspberry powder oxidises when exposed to air and during baking. 

Baked macaron shells for the landscape

The large backdrop is decorated using royal icing but I made the planets using royal icing transfers and painted in the details with edible marker and vodka wash. 

Preparing royal icing transfers for the planets. Dry this thoroughly before adding in the details. 

The backdrop is made by carefully placing the icing transfers onto wet black icing dotted with stars. Use flooding consistency for the royal icing work. 

A look at the undecorated character macaron shells. 

I actually made two full sets just in case of accidental "uglification"or butter fingers 😂. 

The macarons are filled with raspberry swiss meringue buttercream with a little cocoa powder added (for a more brownish hue) , and dark chocolate ganache. I added some reduced raspberry puree (cooking puree over low heat until some water evaporates) into the smbc with ratio of 1:4, and added more freeze-dried raspberry powder. I didn't measure how much freeze-dried powder and cocoa powder went into the smbc but went according to taste and colour. 

I added some crunchy chocolate balls in the craters for some added difference in texture. 

Putting the backdrop and landscape together. 

This was an epic project for me as well! Thank God I managed it! 

With love, 

Phay Shing

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