Monday, 20 December 2021

Snowglobe Chiffon Cake


Presenting my latest experiment - a Snowglobe Cake that truly Snows!☃️❄ 

Finally succeeded after several attempts and trials (yay!!)😛😍 This is the final prototype with a Hello Kitty Snowman! I have another prototype which I will post soon =) 

Can you guess how I made it snow?❄ All the different steps are important to make the "snow" fly. 

Here's the picture before the snow. You can see the globe is empty. 

See the snowing video here! 

And here's how I did it! 

Make a small hole in the cake and fill with snow powder or icing sugar behind the snowman (swipe to the last pic here). ➡️  Remember to sift it first. This is a really important step!

Cover back the globe. Insert a needle pump into the side of the cake into the hole full of snow powder. Remember to sanitise the needle first! 

Switch on the pump or blower and let it snow!🥰❄

Hope you liked it! 
Happy holidays and stay warm!!❤❤

With lots of love,

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