Thursday, 12 April 2018

Tsum Tsum Chip and Dale Earl Grey and Chocolate Custard Cream Puffs

I made these Chip and Dale cream puffs along with my cross shaped Éclairs.

Chip is made from chocolate choux pastry case and filled with smooth and creamy chocolate custard. Dale is made from plain choux pastry case and filled with Earl grey custard. You may find the recipe for plain and chocolate Choux pastry case and Earl Grey custard from my cross eclair post. Adjust baking temperature and time accordingly as this shape has small parts that may burn easily. Bake at 180℃ for 20 min. Reduce temperature to 160℃ and bake for another 20 min. Turn off the heat and let it cool for 10 min in the oven. I will share this really rich, smooth and yummy chocolate pastry cream here.

Recipe for chocolate custard
200g milk
35g sugar
18g cornflour
2 egg yolks
10g cocoa powder
10g unsalted butter
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp Kahlua coffee liqueur (you may replace with vanilla)

1. Sift together cornflour and cocoa powder  into a bowl. Add sugar and whisk together. Add egg yolks and whisk until a paste is formed. Set aside.

2. Heat milk with vanilla extract and coffee liqueur until it starts to bubble. Remove from heat and slowly pour into egg yolk mixture while stirring all the time.

3. Pour the mixture back into saucepan. Heat on medium low heat while whisking all the time. Keep an eye on the mixture as it will suddenly thicken. Once it thickens, remove from heat and continue whisking. This is to prevent the custard from becoming lumpy. Return to heat while whisking until desired consistency, like curd.

4. Add butter and mix well. Sieve the custard into a bowl. Press a cling wrap over the custard surface. Refrigerate until ready to fill the pastry. You may make this up to a few days ahead of time.

I made the chocolate custard along with Earl Grey custard

Just to share some pictures of making the Choux pastry cases...

Piped Chip and Dale!

Freshly baked Choux cases!

Here's a close-up view of the cross section with yummy custard filling!

Although this design was not specifically requested, my friend who shared this with her Bible study group said that Chip and Dale is her favourite and in time for her birthday! They all loved how yummy it was!

With love,
Phay Shing

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  1. Could you show pictures of how you did the chip and dale faces?