Tuesday 24 April 2018

'Dim Sum' Chiffon Cake

Which Dim sum is your favorite? ;)

This is a cake I made for a Dim sum-lover! And a work I really really enjoyed making! It’s my first attempt at chiffon cake Dim sum, after Sushi and Nyonya kueh!

I have made a few Wood-style chiffon cakes earlier and have shared the recipe. You can check out my previous posts. This bamboo steamer is similar to my previous wood-pattern chiffon cakes.

The dim sum are carved and cut from various chiffon cake pops, briefly:

Siew mai: made from cutting out chocolate chiffon using a round cutter and wrapping it with yellow chiffon sheet cake like a real siew mai :p

Popiah: swissroll

Hargou, Jade Xiaolongbao, and Fried Wanton: carved/cut from round cake pops

Bao: carved/cut from round bowl cake

Making this cake just made me crave for dim sum! =p

And my favorite is hargou and siew mai! =)

With lots of love,

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