Wednesday 16 June 2021

TV Room Macaron Scene

I made this for someone who is a fan of Star Wars and K drama, and who is born in the year of the Ox! 

Can you tell which drama they are so engrossed watching? 

I used Swiss meringue method to make the macaron shells. The couch pieces are flavoured and coloured with freeze-dried raspberry powder and the large base shell is coloured and flavoured with cocoa powder. 

These were made on 3 separate days due to my schedule! The large chocolate macaron shells are 15cm in diameter. 

I prefer to use Teflon sheets to line the baking tray for large macaron shells or shells that need straight edges as Teflon sheets do not wrinkle like parchment paper. I prefer to use parchment paper for macaron shells that need intricate designs as I can see through parchment better than Teflon. I hope this helps im explaining why I use different types of material to line my baking trays. 

Here are the freshly baked character macaron shells! 

Here are the decorated characters! I always make an extra set in case my butter fingers accidentally damage something.

I decorated the shells with royal icing, edible marker or edible paint made by washing edible marker with vodka. The technique of using edible marker and vodka is a quick way of decoration. I drew the popcorn and the TV scene using this technique. 

This TV scene is painted using edible marker and vodka to create a water colour effect. The canvas is royal icing transfer that has been thoroughly dried. This icing transfer is glued onto the black rectangle macaron shell with more royal icing to create the TV. 

I filled the base chocolate macaron with dark chocolate ganache, crunchy chocolate balls and a little raspberry white chocolate ganache

This isn't the first time I made the raspberry macaron couches. I made it a couple of years ago too in this scene

I added a little dark chocolate ganache to the raspberry ganache such that the shade matches the macaron shells. I also flavoured and coloured the royal icing that joins the pieces together with freeze-dried raspberry powder and a little cocoa powder to help the shade to match the shells. 

Couches on the giant base shell! 

This project took me almost a week, including a day to plan, conceptualise and make the templates. Although it did test my patience, it is really satisfying to see the finished product. Hope it puts a smile on your face as it did to mine😊. 

With love,

Phay Shing 


  1. Hi Phay, you are a true macaron artist! Brilliant and so cute!