Tuesday 8 June 2021

Safari Themed Macaron-Choux Pastry Bake (Yuzu and vanilla flavours)

This was a last minute request that I took up although I hardly accept requests now as I find it hard to find time to work on Youtube videos. But because I was coming up with content for a mixed-genre class in December, I decided to take up this challenge. Presenting my take on safari theme using macarons and choux pastries! 

The filling for macarons is something new from me - - yuzu ganache that is complete with bits of yuzu rind. The choux pastries were to be filled with vanilla diplomat cream. Just before consuming. 

I used the Swiss meringue method for making the macaron shells. I baked the macarons concurrently with another mixed-genre creation, choux bunnies in macaron teacups. That's why you see the purple, blue and teal rounds here. 

I made some edible paint with gel colouring, vodka and a little royal icing, to add in the details on the tree and bushes. 

It's a pity half of it was obscured from view by the choux animals 🤣. 

You may refer to this post for the recipe for choux pastry and the craquelin. Here is a picture of the craquelin on the piped batter, just before baking. 

I decorated and assembled the choux animals using royal icing. 

You may refer to this post for the vanilla diplomat cream recipe. I will share the new yuzu ganache recipe here. I actually prepared 2 different types, one firmer but milder in flavour and another stronger flavoured but wetter. Some pieces like the macarom tree may do better with a firmer filling so it doesn't collapse. Other pieces like the large 15cm diameter base macaron can do with a softer, wetter filling in the middle. 

You can't really see clearly from this photo but the ganache in the middle contains specks of yuzu rind. 

Yuzu ganache recipe
Ingredients :
Firmer ganache
150g white chocolate chips or finely chopped
28g yuzu juice concentrate (no sugar added) 
12g whipping cream
10g unsalted butter
A pinch of salt

Softer ganache with yuzu rind
150g white chocolate chips or finely chopped 
30g yuzu juice concentrate
10g unsalted butter
30g pureed yuzu jam with rind (include as much rind as possible) 
A pinch of salt 

1. For each of the type of ganache, place all ingredients (except jam) into microwave safe bowl. Heat on medium-low power for 10 seconds and mix well. Repeat heating and mixing until all the chocolate is melted. Do not overheat. 

2. Press cling wrap on surface of ganache and refrigerate overnight. When ready to fill the macaron shells, let the ganache sit at room temperature to soften a little before whipping it up with electric mixer or a spatula. 

3. Fold in jam if using. Transfer into piping bag and fill the macaron shells. Store in fridge in airtight condition for at least 24h before serving. Let the macarons come to room temperature before opening the airtight box. This is to prevent condensation from forming on the macaron shells. 

Here's a view of the assembled scene without the birthday girl's age on it! 

This scene somehow puts a smile on my face ☺️. I hope it brought you some joy too! 

With love,

Phay Shing 

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