Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Bear-in-a-Box Chiffon Cake


Here's my little Bear-in-a-box coming to give everyone a beary big HUG!❤❤ 

 Stay safe and take care! We can do it together 💪💪 

Sorry for the slow posts. Been a bit swamped with kids and home-based learning. Glad that it is a holiday tomorrow =p.
See the texture and box assembly here

Take care everyone! 

Love, Susanne


  1. Hi Susanne...Hope you are doing fine :) Firstly love love your work and its wonderful. I love attempting this but the assembly link given here is not accessible. Like to know how Bear assembly is done.
    And also would like to know how to use normal pans. Should i use steam baking always or normal baking will work..
    I attempted once with normal but cake broke and fell apart when inverted :( but Skewer came clean when checked. How do I ensure it is baked thoroughly without browning or under baking.


  2. Also it would be really helpful if the blog has search option. Appreciate your response