Saturday, 15 May 2021

Popit Chiffon Cake


Which is cake and which is toy? =p 

Pop It Chiffon Cake, requested by my kids! 💓

If you have a primary kid, chances are you would have heard of this new fidget toy craze. It somewhat mimics a bubble wrap, and helps to provide sensory input and help focus for young children. Regardless of whether they need the regulation or not, kids all love bubble wrap don't they? =)  

The two above belong to my girls. And just for fun, I had a Pop It Competition with my kids over Mother's day =p. It is somewhat nice to understand my kids more and bond with them. 

Check out the video here. Watch with the sound on! The popping sound is actually quite cute and therapeutic =).

By the way, the cake is not baked from a mold but assembled from plain cake =).

Stay safe everyone hugs

With love,


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