Saturday 13 January 2024

Pompompurin Raspberry Macarons

 This is the 10th year my friend has been requesting macarons from me and this year, it's Pompompurin! 

Her favourite filling is raspberry Swiss meringue buttercream with raspberry jam, both of which are much lower in sugar than most recipes so they pair very well with sweet macaron shells. Swiss meringue buttercream is also lighter in texture than ganache so the whole confection is refreshing, fruity tasty and light. No wonder it's her favourite!

I have shared the piping tutorial as well as detailed recipe of the low sugar jam and buttercream in my Instagram reel so you may refer to it here:

As usual, I used my default Swiss meringue method recipe to make the macaron shells.

Here's a look at the baked shells before decorating:

Besides macarons, I also made brown sugar cookie versions of these. It is also the 10th year she is having brown sugar cookies from me because to her, it's the best cookies ❤️. Stay tuned for those in a later post!

with love,

Phay Shing

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