Saturday 23 October 2021

'Corgi in Candyland' Strawberry and Vanilla Macarons

Something that is cuteness and sweetness overload... Corgi in Candyland macaron creation! 

This piece showcases various macaron techniques such as giant macarons, 3D macarons (cupcake cases), swirl macarons and character macarons! 

I used the Swiss meringue method and broke up the baking of macaron shells over 2 days due to the sheer number of colours involved. Just to share some pictures of the process... 

Piping cupcake cases on silicone cupcake cases. I ended up not using the purple one as it blends in with the pink base. 

I won't be sharing pictures of piped batter for the corgis, swirl macarons and giant macaron because I am sharing these! 

As-baked macaron shells from top view! 

The giant macaron is actually about 15cm im diameter. You may refer to my youtube video on how to pipe and bake such macarons well. 

Another view of the baked shells! 

The macarons are filled with 3 types of fillings: strawberry ganache (do note I named it strawberry white chocolate buttercream in the referenced blog post because although the ingredients are like ganache, the method of preparation is like a buttercream of sorts. I only decided to settle for categorising it as a ganache later on) , strawberry Swiss meringue buttercream and vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream

The strawberry swiss meringue buttercream is made by adding a little strawberry emulco, some strawberry compote and freeze-dried strawberry powder to vanilla swiss meringue buttercream. 

I love how the giant macaron looks😍

Filling the cupcake cases with vanilla and swiss meringue buttercreams. I use wooden skewers as stabilisers for the lollipops as the lollipop sticks are long and it makes the lollipops top heavy. The skewers, combined with royal icing, makes the lollipops stable and not collapse or tip over when assembled. 

Filling lollipops with strawberry ganache and vanilla swiss meringue buttercream

Filling the corgis with strawberry ganache and swiss meringue buttercream 

And of course I finish off with a personal touch by adidng in the name, which is made of macaron too! 

With love, 

Phay Shing 

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