Monday, 15 February 2021

Chubby Unicorn Macaron Carousel

My friend requested for a unicorn macaron carousel for her daughter's birthday. She's a special friend because I got to know her through her supporting us in our bake sales way back when we were new to baking. Ever since then, I have been baking for her daughter's birthday almost every year since Jorayn was 2 years old. How time flies! 

This unicorn design is a customized one that mean something to Jorayn because it is modelled after her favourite plush toy. I had to change some of the colours so it doesn't blend into the pink carousel frame. 

I love how this chubby unicorn looks so contentedly sluggish that it has to rest its bum on the ground instead of float in the air gracefully 🤣. 

I used a combination of French method and Swiss meringue method to make the macaron shells due to schedule limitations. I split the baking into 2 separate days. I used French method for the unicorns and lettering as it is a small batch, and swiss method for the carousel frame. 

Piping unicorns. 

The macarons are filled with dark chocolate ganache and  a firm mixed berry (raspberry and strawberry) ganache. I will share the recipe that is firm enough for macaron structures like carousel in this post. 

Recipe for firm mixed berry ganache 

Do note that ratio of white chocolate to compote or ratios within ingredients can be tweaked according to taste. But do bear in mind that the filling has to end up fairly firm at your current climate for it to be suitable as a filling for macaron structures like the carousel frame. When set, it should be just slightly softer than the bar chocolates that you eat. 

Ingredients :
90g White chocolate, finely chopped or use chips
12g cocoa butter (may replace with white chocolate ) 
24g Vegetable shortening (may replace with butter but Singapore is too warm for that!) 
5g Strawberry compote* (or raspberry) 
9g Freeze-dried raspberry powder (or strawberry or mixed) 
1/4 tsp Salt
1/4 tsp strawberry emulco/ paste (optional) 

* You may omit the compote if it is too much trouble, and add more freeze-dried fruit powder according to taste for a firmer filling. I was preparing a larger batch of compote for class at the same time. To make the compote, blend (and sieve if using raspberries) the fruit and cook over low heat with some sugar (I use about 10%weight of fruit because it is for macaron filling and I don't want it to be too sweet) until reduced to about half the original weight. You may add a tsp of lemon juice and pinch of salt. Excess compote may be refrigerated or frozen. 

1. Place all ingredients except freeze-dried berry powder in a microwave safe bowl. Heat on medium-low power for 10 seconds and mix well. Repeat until melted and smooth. Alternatively, you may use double-boiling method to melt the white chocolate mixture. 

2. Gradually add the freeze-dried fruit powder amd mix well. Set aside to firm up to toothpaste consistency 

3. You may use it as it is or whip it with a spatula if you wish to lighten the texture. 

Filling up a unicorn with both types of fillings

Filling the base macaron

I love how the base macaron looks when assembled! 

I had to take a picture of the carousel before the name and age were added on too because I love how the carousel looks in this uncluttered state. 

As with my other bakes, I hope this carousel full of sleepy and chubby unicorns put a smile on your face 😊. 

If you are interested in knowing how to construct a macaron carousel, you may refer to my book Creative Baking: Macaron Basics or purchase my online class for macaron carousel with ArtZ Baking and Culinary studio. I provide ongoing support and troubleshooting help as part of the perks of my online classes and you can also  learn from others who join it based on their experience, and watch the recorded class unlimited number of times. 

With love, 

Phay Shing

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