Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Fortune Ox Mandarin Orange Choux Pastry

 I am busy preparing for my Fortune Cat choux pastry class but couldn't resist taking time out to make the Ox version of "Fortune Cat"!

Since mandarin oranges are in abundance during this season, I made mandarin orange diplomat cream for the filling! 

You may refer to this blog post for the detailed recipe of choux pastry batter and craquelin. I left everything uncoloured except for a small portion of batter which I coloured with cocoa powder for the horns. 

Preparing to bake the choux pastry cases for the head and body. 

Freshly baked choux pastry cases! 

You may refer to this post for the template for the horns and ears, adjust the size if necessary depending on how big your baked choux pastry cases are for the head and body. Unfortunately I am not able to share the template for arms and feet as I use it for classes. But I am sure you can easily figure it out yourself! You may refer to my book Deco Choux Pastries to have an idea of how to construct cute characters out of choux pastry. 

I decorated the Ox the same way as my Fortune Cat choux pastry, using royal icing for the facial details and tag, and a sour candy strip for the collar. 

I am not able to share the recipe for the mandarin orange diplomat cream as well but you may refer to my book or other choux pastry blog posts of mine to have an idea of how to make it, or try other delectable flavours I have shared like lychee rose, chocolate, vanilla lavender honey, coconut pandan gula melaka, mango, earl grey and matcha! 

I hope these very cheerful oxen will indeed bring some blessings or "福” to you, just by looking at them! 

With love, 

Phay Shing

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