Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Disney Princess Strawberry Macaron Carousel

This creation is something many little girls would love to have but not something I would like to do often 🤣. Presenting my princess macaron carousel! One view just doesn't do it justice so I have to split it up into multiple views and include a video of it!

Ariel and Belle




See it all! 

I split the bake into 2 separate days for the shells. One day for the princesses and another for the carousel frame. The reason why this bake is super tedious isn't because of the designs but the fact that I had to prepare a total of 11 colours of batter and 10 colours of royal icing. Each colour requires mixing bowl, spatula and time to get the right shade of colour. Imagine the washing up after that and the number of piping bags I used!

I used the Swiss meringue method for this bake. Just to share some pictures of the process...

Piping the batter. I ran out of yellow batter 😅.  I prepare 2 sets in case of damage. 

Freshly baked shells! I chose to do minimal details using the batter as there are so many colours! 

Adding in the details post baking was just as tedious as the piping of batter for the base shells. I used royal icing, edible marker and lustre dust to add on the facial features and other details.

Check out the feet on the shells! 

 I was actually decorating another set of macarons at the same time so it was a total of 12 colours of royal icing at one go.

Tedious but great sense of accomplishment! I took 2 days to finish decorating this tray of macaron shells. One day for edible marker and lustre dust work, another day for royal icing work. 

I filled the macarons with strawberry white chocolate ganache in the middle and a stiffer strawberry white chocolate filling on the outer ring. You may refer to this post for the recipe for both types of fillings. To ensure the macarons do not slide down the pole, I glued the bottom shell to the paper straw pole using royal icing before filling the shells.

Filling the princesses

Looking pretty! 

I filled the carousel structure with these 2 fillings as well.

Filling the roof 

 I am glad the carousel and loose macarons brought some cheer to the birthday girl who had to celebrate it at home during this circuit breaker period!

I laughed when I saw this because Ariel looks so funny lying on her side 🤣. My friend took this picture of the carousel and extra loose pieces. 

I hope the sight of this carousel brings some cheer to all of you who are Disney princess fans!

With love,
Phay Shing

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