Monday, 20 May 2019

Pikachu and Squirtle Chiffon Cakes

Have you watched the latest Pokemon Detective Pikachu movie?💕 I think the Pikachu is soooo furry and cute!! Pikachu and Squirtle Chiffon Cakes 💖🤗

Almost 3 years since I last made Pikachu for my mum's birthday! It feels really nostalgic making this again. The Pikachu cake was also featured in Today Online in 2016 (I'm really thankful). To accompany Pikachu, this is my first Squirtle. Made from pandan chiffon cake, the eyes are piped and I used knife to make indents for the shell. Don't we love the huge eyes? =)

Hope this loving creation made you smile! 

With lots of love,

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