Sunday, 12 May 2019

Empowerpuff Powerpuff Girls Chiffon Cake

Happy Mother's Day to all the super Power mums!! <3 I am super honored and humbled to be on Cartoon Network for Mother's day as an Empowerpuff. This cake was specially commissioned by them for the special campaign. You can watch the full video here.

Sorry for the break in posting. Some of you may have known, my youngest daughter was warded in hospital for the whole week so I wasn't home. It was a difficult time for us, but also a time I felt the love and support of our church. Our pastors, DG mates and friends all reached out to pray for us.

Praise the Lord for the best Mother's day gift ever: my daughter is discharged and miraculously healed today! We are still amazed and will be monitoring her at home, but super grateful!!

Anyway such a coincidence, that Cartoon Network's campaign was also on Mother's day. It is really not easy to be a mother, but it is also such a blessing to have children too. My heart is full of gratitude for this Mother's day!

With lots of love,
Susanne =)

And some photos of the Powerpuff Girls Demo on Mother's day at Plaza Singapura:

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