Monday, 24 October 2022

Halloween Biscoff Pumpkin Spice Latte Macarons

 This is the first of two Fall/Halloween themed macarons that I made with video tutorials and for this design, templates as well!

Cheeky ghosts and scared kitty in scary pumpkin!

The tutorials are broken up into part 1 for batter piping and part 2 for post-baking decoration and filling. Please credit me if you share your work on social media. My apologies for putting this up late because it was rather impromptu 😅. The macarons were made from leftover batter for my display pieces for a cat macaron class.

Photo taken after class!

I only realised that the colours are so very Fall/Halloween as I was preparing for the class. Otherwise I wouldn't have shared this so late!

Here are the templates!

Please resize them to fit A4 size for each page. You may omit the eyes on the cat if you find it challenging to include it in batter piping.

I used my default Swiss meringue method recipe where egg whites are split into whipped and unwhipped portions. You may use whatever meringue method or recipe you are comfortable with.

Filling is adapted from Marina's blog post. I used decaf coffee (1.5 tsp) instead of espresso so it is kid friendly. I also added the spice into the ganache since my shells are not flavoured. I added some coarsely crushed biscoff crumbs into the middle of the filling as well.

Part 1: Video tutorial for piping macaron batter

Part 2: Video tutorial for post-baking decoration and filling

Here's a peek at what other Fall creation I did!

with love,

Phay Shing

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