Saturday, 19 September 2020

Cute Animals Choux Pastries (Online class)

I am finally starting online classes! I had been hesitant to do so even after so many calls for it over the past couple of years because of the logistics involved. I really don't like having to deal with administrative stuff 😜. I am grateful that ArtZ Baking and Culinary studio is able to host my online classes and help with the logistics so we are going ahead with this! 

I have advertised both of my debut online classes for macarons and choux pastries on my Facebook and Instagram accounts but thought I would mention it here on the blog as well. I have decided not to do up a blog post for the macaron online class as the design is the same as the one I conducted in 2018. You may read about it in this Instagram post over here. If you would like more information and to register for the online macaron class in October, please click here. My first online macaron class is a demo only class. What I would like to share in this blog post is my second online class but first bake-along one, and we will be making these cute choux pastries! 

Singapore participants have the option of having the dry ingredients delivered to them. We are starting off with simpler designs for both macarons and choux pastries before moving on to more complex stuff. So for this first bake-along zoom class, I will be teaching you how to make the basic choux au craquelin, and the most common and basic choux pastry fillings - - vanilla pastry cream and diplomat cream. You will learn how to pipe and decorate simple cute characters in your pastry cases too. 

One of the perks of our online classes is you will be part of a closed facebook group for the class you signed up for. In the closed group, you can view the video recordings of the class again at your own convenience, have access to Q n A related to the class and troubleshooting discussions. I will be providing support even after the class but will respond only when I am free because I still have a lot to handle at home. 

If you would like more information or are interested in signing up for this bake-along choux pastry class happening in late November, please click here

With love, 

Phay Shing

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