Thursday, 21 November 2019

Precious Moments-inspired Gymnast on a Piano Chiffon Cake

Precious Moments-inspired Gymnast on top of a Piano, made from chiffon cake! Does she look like a cute little champion gymnast? <3

Inspired by my friend's daughter who is a very talented pianist and gymnast, I was also inspired to try my best and challenge the boundaries!

What is it that you are passionate about?

This is one of the most challenging cakes I made tried so far. And also a lot of work.

Initially I had told me friend I couldn't do it. Thank God for the inspiration that I suddenly thought I could use a heart pan as a base to create the shape of the grand piano! I had to carve out the rest of the piano details.

I have been wanting to try Precious Moments for a while but didn't have the courage to try. Thank God it turned out pretty ok!

School holidays are here. Wish everyone a blessed restful holidays!

With love,

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