Thursday, 28 November 2019

Pikachu and Torchic Lychee Choux Pastry on Pandan Kaya Cake

My friend wanted me to do a Pokemon themed bake for her nephew's birthday but with pandan kaya cake as the cake base. She also wanted choux pastries for the characters and I told her some of the Pokemons are very good candidates as deco choux creations. Here it is 😊

I will focus on the choux pastry part as the recipe for the pandan kaya cake can be found in this post. I just replaced Stevia with caster sugar for the pandan chiffon and the pandan gula melaka pudding.

Detailed recipe for choux pastry batter and the craquelin (cookie dough) can be found in this post. As a rule of thumb, I try to colour the batter as close as possible to the same shade as the craquelin for creating various characters.

Craquelin on top of piped batter for Pokeball and the heads and bodies of Torchic and Pikachu 

The rest of the small body parts are made from piped choux pastry batter without the use of craquelin.

I love the look of this rainbow choux!

Freshly baked pastry cases

I used royal icing to decorate as well as join the parts together.

I had fun giving Pikachu various expressions! 

I provided lychee pastry cream lightened with non-dairy whipped cream in piping bags for my friend to fill just before the pastries are consumed at the party. The recipe can be found here.

"Are you also surprised that choux pastries can be made into someone like me? "

According to my friend, everyone at the party, the neighbouring tables of diners and the service staff at the restaurant had the same expression as the Pikachu above 🤣. I hope this bake brings a smile to your face too! After the initial surprise.

With love,
Phay Shing

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