Thursday 25 April 2019

Merlion Chiffon Cake

Very excited and thankful for the opportunity to bake for K-pop star Chung Ha when she was over in SG in collaboration with LG Singapore! The Merlion is our Singapore icon, so it was specially designed for her as a surprise gift. Of course, mine ended up being the cartoon version as that's me haha! The colour palette was chosen to match her concert theme. And the chiffon cake is pandan flavoured as we wanted to showcase our local flavour =).

I used freshly blended pandan juice, but skipped the heavy green portion so that there wouldn't be a greenish hue, and instead topped up with some pandan flavour extract (from baking stores). I have shared a video of the making the Merlion cake here. Hope you like this labour of love and sweet creation! And here are more pics! =)

And this is my dream pic! I am a big fan of k-pop so really honored and thankful to be bake for someone as talented as her!

With lots of love,

Updates: Featured on E Online!

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