Wednesday 17 April 2019

Creative Baking: Deco Choux Pastries

I am so excited to present to you the sixth book in our Creative Baking series -- Deco Choux Pastries!

Update 11/10/2019:
Deco Choux Pastries is already available on Book Depository! Click on this link to go to the website!

Update 20/06/2019:
Deco Choux Pastries is already available at Kinokuniya and Popular bookstore in Singapore! It is also available for ordering from MPH online in Malaysia! Click on this link if you would like to place an order.

Update 8/6/2019:
Book event for this book will happen on 30th June at Redman, Star Vista! I will demonstrate the making of some absolutely adorable sheep choux pastry cases from start to finish. From the making of batter from scratch, all the way to piping batter, assembling and decorating baked cases. There will be a free giveaway of some sheep choux pastries as well as sale of the books where you can get them autographed on the spot! So do save the date and come and see the demo if you are interested!


Although this book comes after the chiffon cakes and macarons cookbooks, I first ventured into making non-traditional choux pastry designs in mid 2014, and saw the huge potential for creative expression back then. I just didn't have the bandwidth to focus on developing this area until I made a deliberate effort to make time for it in early 2018.

Let me share with you why I am so excited about Choux pastries. I love the complementary textures and flavours of the crisp outer pastry case and cold and creamy filling! It's like party in your mouth as you take time to savour the flavours and textures 😊. In terms of technical difficulty, Choux pastries are easier than chiffon cakes and macarons as you don't have to deal with meringues and you don't need to have sophisticated equipment like electric mixer or candy thermometers. Even people who don't bake often are able to get it right the first time as seen from my Choux pastry classes! Choux pastries contain much less sugar than chiffon cakes and macarons, and you can even make it totally savoury! Only a few basic ingredients are needed to make choux pastries and steam power is the source of raising agent. No artificial chemicals are used!

Deco Choux Pastries is a full length recipe book with 30 different designs, unlike our shorter Deco Chiffon Basics and Macaron Basics books which have only half that number. Like all the previous books in this series, I cover the basics, ingredients and equipment, frequently asked questions, recipes for various fillings (savoury as well as Asian flavours are included!) and storage. Printable templates are provided, along with the recipes for each design. The designs are divided into four sections -- basic, chocolate coated, Craquelin coated and assembled choux pastries. There are a few video tutorials that I made to provide better visual aids than still photos. The QR code can be found in the respective pages of the book. Unlike the few deco choux pastry designs that are already around in specialty cafes, I try to use Choux pastry itself to create as many features as possible, instead of relying on fondant or chocolate.

Here is a sneak peek at the photoshoot sessions which spanned over three consecutive days. Bear in mind that these are photos of raw photos on the photographer's tablet so the quality of pictures will be much better in the book. It was tiring but I was charmed by how whimsical the whole thing was!

Such as...

 A group of hamsters laughing so hard that they can't stand up straight

Pandas who are looking a little lost while driving past towers of orange juice

Durian puffs like you have never seen before

Sheep that look slightly puzzled.

Happy bees...

And happy snowmen too!

There's the absolutely adorable,

As well as simple and elegant.

Are you excited about getting a copy of this book?

I will update this blog post in the future for various book launch dates. This book will eventually be available on Book Depository (estimated date is December 2019), Amazon (estimated date is March 2020) and Kindle.

With love,
Phay Shing


  1. I just found out about this book today, wanted to pre-order from the link but realised they are off the web already. Now got to wait for the book launch date, definitely excited!

    1. Definitely out in the book stores really soon as I got news that I will have my copies delivered to me today!

  2. Excited about the book! Will it be available on Amazon like your other books? Thank you!

    1. Yes it will eventually be available on Amazon. Most likely in March 2020.