Thursday 25 August 2016

Pikachu and Pokeball Chiffon Cake (Raspberry jello, milk and lemon)

Happy birthday to my dearest mummy, who's always been there for me!

I made this 6-inch big Pokeball and Pikachu (from Pokemon go) using natural coloring from soft chiffon cake for her!

She loves the Raspberry jello-milk chiffon cake that I used for my National day chiffon cake, so the Pokeball uses the same recipe. I baked a reduced egg yolk milk chiffon recipe on one side of a ball cake pan, and raspberry jello chiffon cake, topper with a 1-cm layer of charcoal chiffon batter on the other side. I used a few drops of natural red coloring from PME to darken the shade. I cut out the pokeball circles in front from leftover batter baked as sheet cakes.

For the Pikachu, I baked a lemon chiffon cake, using yellow extract from gardenia yellow for the colours, in 2 bowls (for the face and body), 4 cake pops (for limbs), swissrolls (for ears) and sheet cake (for tail). The tip of the ears were from charcoal chiffon cake swissrolls.

Made with lots of love!

 Newest labour of love! 

Coming to you in mid-Sept!

*Thankful for this Pikachu Chiffon Cake to be featured in Today online (Sept 2016)!

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