Friday 19 August 2016

'Butterflies' Blue Ombre Tier Chiffon Cake (tribute to Joseph Schooling)

This 'Butterflies' Blue Ombre Tier Chiffon Cake is made for my friend's tea party. She was so inspired by Joseph Schooling's amazing Gold at the 100m Men's Butterfly race in the Olympics Rio 2016, that she asked me to design her cake to commemorate the event. I was inspired after watching the 100m Butterfly to make a cake to capture the race. The butterflies are dressed in their country's colours/jerseys, and the red-white butterfly on top is none other than our champion Joseph Schooling with a little medal at the side and a mini flag behind! The 3 butterflies below are the silver medallists (can you guess which is Michael Phelps ;))? When Schooling grabbed the Gold, the nation rejoiced with him. Thousands of kids were inspired by him.

The recipe for a similar mini Rainbow Tier Chiffon Cake is in Pg 74 of Creative baking: Chiffon Cakes. Here I made an Ombre version, using blue pea flowers.

Hope that they will enjoy the meaningful creation! Meanwhile, he has really touched our hearts and is an inspiration to our children.

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