Monday 13 July 2015

Singapore Flag Strawberry Yoghurt Chiffon Cakepops

I bought some new Tovolo heart shaped ice cube trays that are bigger than the current one I have in preparation for a big longevity peach bake in the near future. Since I have a little time now, I thought why not try out these trays with a simple bake. I completed baking, assembly and blogging in a day! Along with other chores, coaching kids, cooking and bakes! Here are my cute Singapore flag chiffon cakepops :)

Ingredients (makes about 12-14 cakepops*):
2 egg yolks
10g caster sugar
28g canola/ vegetable oil
16g strawberry yoghurt (I used Meiji)
16g fresh milk
1/2 tsp strawberry paste
1/3 tsp red yeast powder (omit if not available)
A tiny drop of red gel colouring
1/8 tsp vanilla extract
A few drops of white gel colouring (optional)
20g + 20g cake flour
Pinches of salt

3 egg whites
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
30g caster sugar

* You may use heart shaped moulds from Daiso as well. I baked my longevity peaches in them before and it worked fine. Much cheaper than these Tovolo ones :p. Do note that baking time will vary depending on type of mould you use and every oven behaves differently. I always use an oven thermometer during baking to ensure consistency.

1. Line a 6" square baking tray with baking sheet. Very lightly grease the ice cube trays with oil. Set oven rack to second lowest position. Preheat oven to 160°C. Prepare a tray of water at the bottom of the oven. This last step is optional if you don't want to steam bake. Note that baking time may be 5- 10 minutes shorter without the steam.

2. Prepare the egg yolk batter. Whisk egg yolks and sugar until thick and pale and all the sugar had dissolved. Gradually add oil and whisk until well combined. Divide the mixture into two equal portions.

3. Add strawberry yogurt and strawberry paste to one portion gradually, and milk and vanilla to the other portion gradually. Add 20g sifted flour, a pinch of salt and red yeast powder gradually to the red batter gradually, whisking well with each addition. Add 20g sifted flour and a pinch of salt to the white batter gradually.

4. Prepare the meringue. Beat egg whites until foamy. Add cream of tartar and beat until stiff peaks form while gradually adding sugar to the egg whites. Scoop 3 tsp of white egg yolk batter into a small bowl and fold in 6 tbs of meringue into it in 3 additions. Pour this portion of batter into the 6" tray. Tap on table a few times to release trapped air. Fold in the rest of the meringue in three additions into the red and remaining white batter. Pour the coloured batter into plastic/piping bags.

Snip the plastic bag at the tip and pipe the batter into the ice cube trays, following the colors of the Singapore flag.

Tap the big tray with the ice cube trays a few times on the table to release trapped air.

5. Bake the thin 6" layer for 10 minutes. Immediately remove from tray and gently peel off baking sheet. Cool with baking sheet covering it. Bake the hearts at 160°C for 10 minutes, followed by 140°C for 7-10 minutes or until skewer comes out clean. Cool the cakes completely before carefully unmoulding them by hand.

6. Use a circle and star cutter to cut out the crescent moon and stars from the thin layer cake. They are the same cutters I used for my Singapore flag snowskin mooncakes.

Stick the moon and stars on using marshmallows melted with a bit of water. In order to deposit the stars onto the cake, cut the star out using the cutter, apply a dot of marshmallow on the cut-out before carefully depositing it into the heart shaped cake.

I had to rush to pick up my younger kid so I hastily cling wrapped these after assembly.

You may wish to brush the surface of this small came with a bit of simple syrup (1:1 ratio water:sugar) if you are storing it for a few days in the fridge before consumption to keep it moist. Store in airtight container.

Use cakepops sticks or Yakult straws to stick into the cakes to make them into cakepops.

My little one said it was yums! Going to share these with some friends :).

With love,
Phay Shing

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