Wednesday 15 April 2015

Olaf Brown Sugar Cookies

I have a request for some Olaf cookies. Here they are :).

It was quite a challenge to take photos of Olaf as he has quite a huge contrast. I finally figured out that a black background works best to show up the features just when I was about to pack them :p.

As usual, I used my favorite brown sugar cookie recipe and same royal icing recipe.
The cookie dough is rolled to 5-6mm thick, chilled and cut into Olaf shape.

Homemade plastic template at work here! Check out this post for detailed steps on how to create and use one.

Bake for 15-18 minutes at 160-170°C or until browned. I tend to overbake a little as the cookie will soften a bit after icing. Baking time may vary depending on the size of your cookie template/ cutter.

Trace/ draw Olaf onto cookies with edible marker.

Start icing! It's my first time testing out some painting techniques so I made an extra Olaf head. Use the outline-and-flood icing technique to gradually add on parts of Olaf. You may use oven drying at 60°C fan mode to speed up the drying, especially for large sections of the body. Be careful not to dry for too long or the oil from the cookie will leach into the icing, making it look patchy.

Almost done!

I painted on some light brown highlights for Olaf's twigs, some blue and grey shadows around the eyes, and some grey shadows at selected portions of the head, body and buttons to create a more 3D and realistic effect. The light brown highlights was made from royal icing. The shadows were made from some gel food colouring dissolved in *ahem* Chinese rose wine. I didn't have vodka so I used the next closest thing I have at home :p.

Painting on the "eye shadow"

Putting on the "eyeliner"

Finally, add on the carrot nose with medium stiff icing. Just add icing sugar to the flooding icing until the peaks can somewhat hold the shape. Add on shadows for the nose if you wish.

A closer look at Olaf!

The highlights and shadows are meant to be understated so you don't really notice them if you are not looking out for them. But adding details like these makes Olaf more life-like.

I couldn't resist a retro shot!

All packed!

You may be wondering how come someone ordered so few cookies? Keep a lookout for my other Frozen-themed cookies. Elsa!

With love,
Phay Shing


  1. You girls are going fron cakes to biscuits! Fantastic. Any chance of opening a shop?

    1. I think we are contented with baking as a hobby for now :). Our family needs our attention so accepting requests as and when our time allows would be better for our current lifestyle ;). I love chiffon but I love exploring other areas of baking as well. Still have lots to learn!