Thursday 30 April 2015

Dairy-Free Hello Kitty and Snoopy Brown Sugar Cookies

I have a request for dairy-free Hello Kitty and Snoopy cookies for a party so here they are!

Only 4 here but I made 22 Kitties and 13 Snoopies!

As the number of cookies is quite a lot, I chose to make just the head of the characters. The recipe is adapted from my all time favorite brown sugar cookies with royal icing. Simply substitute the unsalted butter with vegetable shortening. You will find that the dough is easier to work with too. Less sticky but still remains soft and pliable after refrigeration. You need to freeze the whole tray of cookie dough cutouts before baking instead of putting the tray in the fridge for the cookie cutouts to be rigid when they go into the oven.

Here are some photos to share...

Freshly baked cookies with homemade templates!

I rolled the dough to 5-6mm thick before cutting out the shapes. Bake at 160-170°C for 13-16 minutes or until browned. Leave on tray for 5 minutes before transferring to cooling rack to cool completely. Let the cookies rest in airtight container for a day before icing.

I am beginning to love using homemade templates for my customized cookies because it's so versatile! Any size and pattern of a particular character or object can be accommodated! Still tedious but that can't be avoided. I borrowed the HK cookie cutter from Susanne but ended up not using it as I had to make a template for icing anyway.

Tracing and drawing in Kitty's features using edible marker

Tracing and drawing in the features for Snoopy too

Icing the outline and features with charcoal powder coloured black royal icing

Wait for the icing to dry completely before flooding.

Filling in white for Snoopy!

Filling in white for HK

Adding in the nose and bow. I decided to leave out the outline for the nose in the end.

Dried in the oven at 60°C fan mode for 8 minutes followed by overnight drying in aircon room. Ready for packing!

Packed Kitty and Snoopy!

Actually a lot of my "baking" time is spent packing my bakes when the request is made for individual packaging

These dairy-free cookies are just as aromatic as the ones with butter used. My kids and mum tasted some extras and said they were yummy!

With love,
Phay Shing

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