Wednesday 12 June 2024

"Egg on Toast" Cake (Kids baking class)

 I didn't get around to sharing this creation earlier. Oops! This "egg on toast" cake was planned as a fun June school holiday baking class for kids that combines Science and Culinary experience. 

I took the chance to make a Gudetama version as well!

More pictures to show that the "egg yolk" is really more than it seems!

The "yolk" is actually spherified mango sauce, the "egg white" is vanilla panna cotta and the "toast" is vanilla yoghurt cake. I made this creation simple enough that younger kids can handle too as for the most part, this creation involves pouring and mixing.

Watch both versions in action!

Gudetama version:

Smiley egg version:

You may have noticed that the consistencies of the yolks appear different. That's because I tweaked the recipe when I made Gudetama to make it more mango-y. It's less bouncy but yummier. That's the version I will be using for the class.

You are still in time to sign up for this class if you see this post before 19 June 2024. It will be a fun and relaxing bonding time with your child! Please click on the link below for more information or to register:

with love,

Phay Shing

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