Tuesday 24 October 2023

Green Hatchling's Play Date (A whimsical marshmallow creation)

 My younger kid is an early teen now, doing various things that teenagers do. But he is still very attached to his special green Angry Bird hatchling plushie. Actually the whole family treats that furry green creature as part of the family too because it has so much character after a few years 😆. So for my kid's birthday bake, I decided to include the bird again for the third consecutive year but along with other friends for a fun day out!

Here's a picture of the plushiemallows along with the real plushies!

Actually there are 3 duck plushies but I only took a photo of them with the whole creation toasted on a giant brown sugar cookie with crunchy Biscoff spread.

Looks terrible but marshmallows toasted are another level yummy compared to untoasted ones!

I would have used chocolate instead of Biscoff spread for a classic S'mores but the birthday boy is not a fan of chocolate.

If the shark plushiemallow looks like a slipper to you, that's because I used the cute shark slippers that people wear as my inspiration. I made the shark plush (Blahaj from Ikea) in the slipper form.

How do I get such ideas you may ask? I usually give myself time to muse over concepts and ideas by daydreaming now and then. This idea had me giggling so it's an "Aha! This is it!" moment. See the stop motion video of what I imagined and you know what I mean 😉.


Here's the process of making it with most frames sped up by 10x as I needed to fit everything into 1 min or less 😅.


For those of you who prefer to slow down and view some still shots, here are some pictures of the in between process...

I didn't take any video footage of piping the eyes because I didn't want to have the camera in the way of something so delicate.

I made a spare flap for the Blahaj slipper just in case I accidentally uglify one.

If you want to know what recipe I use, how I created the furry texture on the hatchling or how to create marshmallow plushies (plushiemallows) of your own imagination, grab a copy of my newly launched book Deco Marshmallows!

with lots of love,

Phay Shing

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