Saturday 9 September 2023

Pineapple Chiffon Roll Cake


Rolling into good times with this Pineapple chiffon roll cake🍍💕 ! Ong Lai Huat ah =). For the uninitiated, the pineapple was the symbol for our newly elected president! Some Chinese also like to roll the pineapple through a new house/office. I was inspired to make this pineapple chiffon from a roll cake, and it is also for a friend. It is also a tribute to our new president! The cake has pineapple whipped cream, as well as mini pineapple surprises inside =). 

 Watch the video tutorial here:

I'm opening up a Hands-on Class on Oct 6th for Pineapple chiffon cake, following some requests from friends. Sign up here if you are keen =). 

With lots of love,


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