Thursday, 29 September 2022

Pumpkin Zephyrs with Maltesers

This was an unplanned project that came about because the idea was so awesome I just had to try! Most bakers would use pumpkin shaped silicone molds for making pumpkin shaped desserts or marshmallows. But molds take up a lot of space and are expensive. For those of us who don't want to make that purchase, there is a simple way to create piped pumpkin shaped desserts!

Presenting my piped pumpkin zephyrs filled with Maltesers and topped off with chocolate chips!

Zephyr or zefir is a type of confectionery that can be considered as an agar-based marshmallow. It is usually made with lots of fresh fruit or vegetable puree. These pumpkin zephyrs are made with lots of pumpkin puree. I used Marina's recipe over here as my reference for pumpkin zephyr but with some tweaks to it.

Here's a better view of the cross-section. I feel the Malteser makes it look really intriguing! Not only does it look intriguing, the texture when you bite into it is awesome too! The light crunchy centers and rich chocolate coating of the Malteser present a nice contrasting textural and taste experience as you bite into the pillowy yet melt in your mouth pumpkin zephyr!

I was so excited my experiment worked that I had to take a photo of my first done and dusted (literally with icing sugar and cornstarch) pumpkin!

I shared a video tutorial of piping these pumpkins and posted it on Instagram:

Please read the captions that come with the reel for more tips on piping these pumpkins. I would appreciate it if you can credit me if you use this piping technique for your piped pumpkin desserts😊.

with love,

Phay Shing


  1. Are u use colouring food? Or the orange colour pure from pumpkin? Thanks before

    1. I added some food colouring because natural colour from pumpkin alone is quite pale. You may omit colouring if you wish.

  2. Thanks for replay