Sunday, 21 November 2021

Fortune Tiger Bakkwa Choux Pastry Class

To welcome the year of the tiger in 2022, my first class for next year in mid Jan will be these savoury choux pastries in the form of very cheerful and welcoming tiger choux! 

I may be baking sweets most of the time but I am actually a more of a savoury food person so I am excited to be sharing something savoury for once! The filling is bakkwa diplomat cream made from bakkwa infused milk, and more chopped pieces of bakkwa! You may think it is weird but it is actually pretty pleasant to eat! It's like eating char siew polo bun but with a very light and crisp crust! 

Please click on this link for more details and to register for this class! 

With love, 

Phay Shing

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