Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Flying Longevity Noodles Chiffon Cake

Flying Longevity Noodles Chiffon Cake (长寿面线), complete with abalone, red eggs, vegetables, prawns and chicken drumstick!🍜🍗🥬 I tried to pattern the porcelain bowl and mimic how a cracked boiled red egg would look like on the inside 😛. Basically I imagined the red dye seeping into the cracks and making red lines on the boiled eggs hehe.

Here are also my first attempts on abalone and bak choy (小白菜) 😅. It was really fun and a lot of love went into the cake! Which is your favorite ingredient?? 

This cake is in the same spirit as my previous Flying Ramen Chiffon Cake! I did a poll on my instagram and 60% like ramen more than longevity noodles hehe! You can read the previous post for more details! 

Anyway its a Chinese tradition to eat 长寿面线 during our birthdays, so it is a special treat. I remember fondly those days growing up eating the chicken soup, white vermicelli and red eggs on that special day! I think it is to wish the birthday person longevity and good health.

Hope this post warms your heart and gives you blessing or brings back memories! =)

With lots of love,

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