Monday, 7 November 2016

London Bus Brown Sugar Cookies

Ma: What would you like me to bake for your birthday?
Z: London bus!

I originally planned for a macaron bake for my younger kid's birthday but his choice of subject matter is really challenging for macarons. I had to consider the fact that I have to cater for 30 kids and the amount of details required would be too much work for me. And so, here are some London bus brown sugar cookies!

I decided to make double-decker buses with and without open tops at the upper deck. me lazy, but I was really hard pressed for time. Plus, you have to admit the buses still look all right as open-top buses :p.

The detailed recipe for brown sugar cookies and royal icing can be found here. I have written a detailed post and highlight the goodness of these cookies in there so I shall not repeat it here. I have consistently received rave reviews for the taste of these cookies that's why I don't use regular sugar cookies as my cookie base for iced cookies.

I made a template for the cookie dough cut-outs and for tracing the outline of the bus. You may refer to this post for the details on how to make the templates and how to use it. This bus template is fairly large, about 9.5cm in height.

Just to share some photos of the process...

Cutting out the cookie dough

Tracing baked cookies with edible black marker and adding on the detailed outlines with black (coloured with charcoal powder only) royal icing.

Day 1 of icing cookies! Outlining is actually the most tedious part.

Day 2 of icing cookies! Made it in time!

I was in a hurry and rushed through the job as I didn't have time to add in too much details. So do pardon the slightly lower standard of icing. The amount of details and sheer number of cookies I have to work on in a limited time frame was almost enough to kill me already :p. Thankfully they are all still pretty recognisable.

Thoroughly dry the cookies before packing them.

Blessed birthday my little one! May you grow to love God and those around you with each passing year!

With lots of love,
Phay Shing

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