Sunday 18 January 2015

Ninja Turtles Rainbow Chiffon Cake

This is a 9-inch "Ninja Turtles" Rainbow chiffon cake for Jayden who loves Ninja Turtles!

He requested to have 4 cute ninja turtles instead of one big ninja turtle like my previous Ninja Turtle (Raphael) Chiffon Cake. So I made pop-out ninja turtles heads by baking pandan chiffon cake in egg shells (see pastel rainbow chiffon pops for instructions on how to prepare and bake chiffon cake in egg shells) :).

He was lactose-intolerant and wished to enjoy a rainbow cake, so the milk was substituted with water from the original recipe of the rainbow chiffon cake to make it dairy-free. In addition, I used a light charcoal and cocoa chiffon cake to cut out the porthole as well as some cute weapons for the turtles! I used melted marshmallows to glue all the parts together.

Happy 5th birthday to Jayden!

With love,

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