Friday 26 September 2014

7-colour Pastel Rainbow Pinata Chiffon Cake

This is a 7-colour pastel rainbow chiffon cake I made for a very dear friend! Because her daughter is so dear to me, I wanted to make a special and an even better rainbow chiffon cake than before!

I made it 7 layers but doubling the batter for purple and using blueberry juice to paint the last layer as I wasn’t going to risk my meringue breaking down while working with too much complexity (and also less to wash up :p). Using the recipe for pastel rainbow chiffon cake, I scaled the recipe up to 6 egg yolks (from 5) and doubled the purple batter. Blueberry juice also helps to add flavour and moisture to the cake! It must be true as the cake was very well-received and her friends all commented it was very yummy :p. Thank God!

I made another rainbow chiffon cake in heart shape on top with some cute clouds and an arching rainbow to create sweet pink dreamland for the Hello Kitty toppers on top! It’s a piñata cake with hidden m & m’s as requested by my friend!

Happy sweet birthday to Mikaela!

With lots of love,


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