Tuesday 28 July 2015

Soccerball Macarons (no refrigeration required)

Here are my soccerball macarons along with the request for soccerball cookies :)

As refrigeration was an issue for storage and these macs have to be displayed outdoors in hot and humid Singapore, I chose fillings that can withstand higher temperatures - dark chocolate, white chocolate and peanut butter!

Simple white round shells were baked for the base so I will not go into details for making the shell. You may refer to this post for making white shells (just use regular icing sugar unless you want rose scented shells). Just use a Wilton #12 round tip  (about 6mm hole) to pipe circles. Use a template under the baking sheet for more regular circles.

Freshly baked shells!

In order to make many soccerballs with the right patterns, you need to use a template. I made one out of clear plastic cut out from a plastic file.

Wash the template and dry it before using it on the macaron shells.

Place the template over the shell and use an edible black marker to trace out the pentagons. Carefully lift off the template so as not to smudge the ink that is still wet on the shell.

Fill in the lines connecting all the corners of the pentagons to form hexagons.

This was how many I had to make!

You may fill in the pentagons with black marker, leaving your final product icing-free. But I find that icing the shells with black royal icing looks better. I coloured the icing with charcoal powder. Use a very fine tip (Wilton 1s) to pipe on the patterns.

Let the icing air-dry completely before filling them. For the peanut butter filling, simply fill a ziplock/piping bag with some of it, snip a corner off and pipe onto the shells. For the chocolate, choose any of your favourite chocolate bar for eating (I used Meiji), chop it up finely and melt over a double boiler or in a microwave oven. If you are using the microwave oven, heat the chocolate at bursts of 10 seconds at medium high power, stirring in between bursts of heating until you get a smooth paste. If the chocolate is runny, let it sit on the counter for a while until it firms up to piping consistency (slightly runnier than peanut butter) before transferring into a piping bag.

You may refrigerate assembled macarons for 15 minutes to let the chocolate firm up if you want to speed things up.

Filling up some shells

This is one of the easier fancy macarons to make since you only have round shells to pipe. Give it a try if you are planning for some soccer themed party :). These were very well received!

With love,
Phay Shing

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