Thursday 7 May 2015

'Super granny!' Chiffon Cake

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Super grannies and Super mummies!! I’ve never been confident in making more mature cakes for the elderly :p, so this is my humble attempt at making a cake for my friend’s grandma! She was super cute and said her ‘Popo’ (grandma in Chinese) is a ‘Super-Popo!’ =). So this cake is inspired by a picture of a ‘Super granny’ she sent me. I think many of us feel our grandmothers and mothers are Superwomen (I feel that way)!

The Super granny is made entirely of chiffon cake :). I’ve tried different ways of making faces, including piping (like Hello Kitty) and joining (like Super Mario). Here, I used the joining method, meaning I baked a reduced egg-white vanilla chiffon cream cake and a light grey charcoal chiffon cake in two oval bowls, and used a huge hearts cutter to make the same cut and join the two together to form the face with the grey hair. I baked the grey hair bun and fist in round Iwaki bowls and cut them out. For the fist punch, I further used the back of a butter knife to make indents like the fingers. The body and cape are strawberry chiffon cake baked in an oval bowl (body) and layer tray (cape). I used a bit of melted marshmallows to glue the cakes together. The base is a pandan chiffon cake which many elderly love, colored with pandan juice and pandan paste. I learnt more about the properties of cream of tartar, it being acidic. My friend’s grandma had an impeccable palate and managed to taste and guess it (wow). The cake was made with lots of love for the Super-Popo :).

I shall take this chance too to thank my own mum for being a Super mummy and Super granny to my children. Thank you so much!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Super mummies!

With lots of love,


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