Monday 23 February 2015

'My Little Pony' Rainbow and Cloud-sky Chiffon Cakes

I am very blessed to know wonderful mummy friends from Charissa’s group. It was such a coincidence that two of them requested for “My Little Pony” birthday cakes the same week. They were for a very special girl, Kyra and a very special boy, Ethan. Knowing the mummies and how much the babies were loved, each cake was lovingly created with them in mind.


For Kyra, a sweet pink Pony on top of a pink rainbow chiffon cake. I added eyelashes and wings like in “My Little Pony” and made the Pony look like she was soaring over the landscape of rainbows and clouds. The rainbow is a trademark in “My Little Pony”, and this was also made of chiffon cake, made by layering chiffon cake in rainbow colors in a small oval bowl (and then slicing them up). 

For Ethan, a handsome blue Pony on top of a cloud-sky chiffon cake. Ethan’s cake was also reduced sugar (85%) for his grandma's sake. His cake was a modification to the waves of the Frozen chiffon cake but making the waves ‘filly’ instead of gradual to look like clouds.

I am very thankful the Pony cakes were well-received, but more so thankful to be baking for the precious bubs (and my precious friends).

With lots of love,


  1. Hi Susanne,
    I am deeply in love with your chiffon creations!! So awesome!!
    Do you bake those alphabet in the alphabet mould? or using a alphabet cutter? Can advise where can I get these alphabet cutter? So sorry pop so many questions to you :P.

    Thanks in advance. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    1. Thanks I got the alphabet cutter from phoon huat. Sorry for late reply as I've been busy. Thanks!