Thursday 7 August 2014

Lego Snowskin Mooncakes

I made these lego mooncakes on the spur of the moment because I lost my mooncake plunger and my new ones were such a pain to use (never buy small square ones!) =p.

I had fun with this one, using my rectangular ice cube trays to mould the mooncake into a rectangular block. I bought the Redman Snowskin flour this year but modified it with Ann Low's recipe to boil the shortening with water. Indeed I find that it is much easier to mould the snowskin into a smooth dough compared with the rubbing in method. I'm rather interested in her "mochi" quality so I might fully follow her recipe next time.

Anyway since I had so much fun, I will share how I moulded the snowskin mooncake into cute lego blocks! May we never see mooncakes the same way again :).

Ingredients (makes about 15 lego)
250g snowskin flour (Redman premix)
50g shortening
100g water
Extra kou fen for dusting
Pandan paste
Strawberry paste
Orange paste

270g white lotus paste

1. Weigh out snowskin flour into a large bowl.
2. Add water and shortening together and bring them to boil until shortening has melted, stirring with a hand whisk. *I just added hot water and stirred until the all the shortening has melted (top left pic in collage).
3. Pour the hot liquid mixture to the snowskin flour and use spatula to stir mixture to soft dough and leave dough to cool.
4. Knead in the different flavour/colour paste to a smooth dough, add more kou fen to it if the dough is still too sticky (top right pic in collage). *Do not overwork the dough.
5. Chill the dough clingwrapped for 5-10 min.
6. Measure out 18g white lotus paste in 24g snowskin.
7. Roll it into a ball, cling wrap the ball and push the ball hard into a rectangular ice cube tray (bottom left pic in collage).
8. Pinch the corners with your fingers for more defined edges.
9. Roll out 6g snowskin into a long roll and slice into small discs (6 per lego) for the lego protrusions. Attach them onto the rectangular snowskin mooncakes (bottom right pic).
10. Chill the lego snowskin mooncakes in an air tight container before consuming.

Have fun! =)

I'm joining Best Recipes for Everyone August 2014 Event Theme: Dim Sum hosted by Fion XuanHom's Mom.

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  1. Hi Susanne, cutie cutie lego snowskin mooncakes. Hey, do you know there's this linky for Best Recipes theme Mooncake in August organised by Fion? Checkout this link

    1. Thanks for sharing Karen! I just linked up! So much to learn hee ^_^ Thanks for being so kind to share!

  2. Hi Susanne, tks for your support.
    Once i saw your picture, i thought is toys,but after read it surprised me.It's moon cake,you are so creative.Well done!
    Hope will receive more & more your post after this..hehe~~

    1. Thanks Fion! Thanks for hosting the event! :)