福 Macaron Teacups (Phay Shing) 
Reindeer and Christmas Bear Cherry Dark Chocolate Macarons (Phay Shing)
Boy and Girl Chinese New Year Macarons (Phay Shing)
Pastel Animal Train Macarons (Phay Shing)
'Bears with a message' Lavender Earl Grey Macarons (Phay Shing)
Mr Men & Little Miss Macarons (Phay Shing) 
Optimus Prime and Bumblebee Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Macarons (Phay Shing) 
'Characters in Tea Set' Chocolate Hazelnut Macarons (Phay Shing)
Pandan Coconut Christmas Tree Macarons (Phay Shing)
Christmas Lollipop Macaron (Phay Shing)
Penguin Family Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Macaron Cake Toppers (Phay Shing)
Iced Gems Macarons with Ermine Buttercream (Phay Shing)
Chocolate Hazelnut Macaron Ferris Wheel (Phay Shing)
Acorn Macaron Ferris Wheel (Phay Shing)
Dreamy Unicorn Macaron (Phay Shing)
Ombre Pink Swirl Macaronpops (Phay Shing)
Winnie and Friends Osmanthus and Lavender Earl Grey Macarons (Phay Shing)
Vanilla Honey Lemon Cream Cheese Doughnut Macarons (Phay Shing)
Macaron Ice Castle on Lavender Vanilla Honey Lemon Cream Cheese Chiffon Cake (Phay Shing)
Pusheen and Rilakkuma Tea Flavoured Macarons (Phay Shing)
'Baked Mooncake' Macarons with Mung Bean Paste and Salted Egg Yolk (Phay Shing)
Raspberry Dark Chocolate Graduation Hat Macarons (Phay Shing)
Macaron Playground on Strawberries n Cream Chiffon Cake (Phay Shing)
Lemongrass, Tumeric and Ginger Giraffe Macarons (Phay Shing)
'Miffy with Rainbow Scarf' Blackforest Macarons (Phay Shing)
Noah's Ark Raspberry Dark Chocolate Macarons (Phay Shing) 
Maisy and Friends Vanilla Chiffon Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache (Phay Shing)
Chibi Pokemon Dark Chocolate Macaron Pops (Phay Shing)
Bear Family, Hedgehogs and Heart Macarons (Phay Shing)
Rose, Osmanthus and Lavender Rosette Macarons (Phay Shing)
Lemongrass, Tumeric and Ginger Macarons (Phay Shing)
Peanut Salted Caramel Sunflower Macarons (Phay Shing)
Hurricane Swirl Neapolitan Macarons (Phay Shing)
Rosette Macarons with Whipped Strawberry Ganache Roses (Phay Shing) 
Peppa Pig and Family Strawberry Macarons (Phay Shing)
Ufufy Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore Macarons (Phay Shing)
Cheery Bear Reduced-Sugar Matcha Macarons (Phay Shing)
Raspberry Rose Macarons (Mother's Day Special) (Phay Shing)
'Our Favourite Characters' Cookies n Cream Macaron Playground (Phay Shing)
Princess Carriage Macaron Carousel (Phay Shing)
Sun, Earth and Moon 3D Macaron Models (Phay Shing)
Unicorn Macaron Carousel on Strawberries N Cream Chiffon Cake (Phay Shing)
Raspberry Dark Chocolate Chinese New Year Macarons (Phay Shing)
'Many Faces of Pusheen' Berry Jam with Dark Chocolate Macarons (Phay Shing)
Rose Bouquet Raspberry Dark Chocolate Macarons (Phay Shing)
Orange Chocolate Macaron Playground (Phay Shing) 
Foodie Pusheen Berry Jam and Dark Chocolate Macarons (Phay Shing) 
Chinese New Year Doggie Raspberry Jam Dark Chocolate Macarons (Phay Shing) 
2D and 3D Hedgehog Berry Jam and Dark Chocolate Macarons (Phay Shing) 
Rainbow Unicorn and Shooting Star Macarons (Phay Shing) 
Choo-Choo Train Macarons (Phay Shing)
Cupid Hello Kitty Strawberry & Dark Chocolate Macaron Carousels (Phay Shing)
Cute Puppy Macarons (Phay Shing)
Happy Bunny Reduced-Sugar Coconut Macarons (Phay Shing)
Superhero Themed Vanilla Macarons (Phay Shing)
Tapir Salted Caramel Macarons (Phay Shing)
Solar System Pandan Gula Melaka Macaron Ferris Wheel (Phay Shing) 
Animal Train Macarons (updated version) (Phay Shing)
Reduced-Sugar Snowflake Coconut Macarons (Swiss Method) (Phay Shing)
Rainbow Hearts Tea Flavoured Macarons for Wedding (Phay Shing)
Monster Chiffon Cupcakes with Strawberry Jam & Swiss Meringue Buttercream (Phay Shing)
Reduced-sugar Earl Grey Bear Macarons with Dark Chocolate Ganache (Phay Shing)
Earl Grey Lavender Pink Unicorn Macaron Carousel (Phay Shing)
Tsum Tsum Winnie the Pooh, Piglet & Tigger Earl Grey Macarons (Phay Shing) Minion Coconut Macaron Cake Toppers (Phay Shing)
Gudetama Coconut Macarons (Phay Shing)
Sakura Heart Macarons (Phay Shing)
Merlion and Singapore Flag Heart Earl Grey Lavender Macaron Pops (Phay Shing)
'Snowskin and Baked Mooncake' Macarons (Phay Shing)
Unicorn Macaron Shells (Phay Shing)
Reduced-Sugar Earl Grey Macaron Tricycle (Phay Shing)
Cookies n Cream Macaron Ferris Wheel (complete with moving parts!) (Phay Shing)
Mermaid Themed Macarons II (Phay Shing) 
Assorted Animal Macarons (Phay Shing) 
PJ Masks Strawberry Cream Cheese Macarons (Phay Shing) 
Happy Cat Earl Grey Lavender Salted Caramel Macaron Carousel  (Phay Shing)  
Cute Wechat Emoji Macarons (Phay Shing)
'uStiletto Massage Station' Earl Grey Lavender Macaron Carousel (Phay Shing) 
Dancing Princess Chocolate Macaron Carousel (Phay Shing) 
Happy Cat Earl Grey Lavender Macaron Carousel (Phay Shing) 
Snorlax Ondeh-Ondeh Giant Macaron Cake Topper (Phay Shing) 
Cat and Sheep Vanilla and Chocolate Macarons (Phay Shing) 
Ondeh-Ondeh and Pulut Hitam Sheep Macarons  (Phay Shing) 
Rilakkuma & Kiiroitori Earl Grey Lavender Macaron Carousel (Phay Shing) 
Chocolate French Macarons (Phay Shing)
Pirate & Sea Creatures Mango and Strawberry Macarons (Phay Shing)
Mermaid, Seashell & Starfish Cookies N Cream Macarons (Phay Shing)
Veggietales Earl Grey Lavender Macarons (Phay Shing)
Hedgehogs and Panda 3D Macarons with Chocolate Lava Filling (Phay Shing)
Famous Landmarks Lavender Earl Grey & Dark Chocolate Macarons (Phay Shing)
My Melody Macarons with Mango Ganache (Phay Shing)
Salted Egg Yolk Custard 3D Rooster, Ladybug & Watermelon Macarons (Phay Shing)
Ombre Pink Heart Macarons (Phay Shing)
Ondeh-Ondeh Macarons (3D Shells!) (Phay Shing)
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Reduced-Sugar Chicken Macarons (French Method!) (Phay Shing)
Pink Unicorn Macaron Carousels (Phay Shing)
Bear Lavender Earl Grey Macaron Carousel (Phay Shing)
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Snowman Earl Grey Salted Caramel Ice-Cream Macarons (Phay Shing)
Hamster Macarons (Phay Shing)
'Sheep in Rainbow Scarf' Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Macarons (Phay Shing)
Lego Friends Themed Neapolitan Macarons (Phay Shing) 
Hi-5 Giant Macaron Cake Topper (Phay Shing)
Monster Macarons -- Made from 3D Macaron Shells! (Phay Shing) 
Finding Dory Macarons (Phay Shing)
Pikachu and Pokeball Macarons (Phay Shing) 
Lychee Purple Unicorn Macaron Carousel (Phay Shing)
Pokemon Peppermint Dark Chocolate Macarons (Phay Shing) 
Pororo & Friends Dark Chocolate Macarons (Phay Shing) 
Pusheen Earl Grey Macarons (Phay Shing) 
Chilli Chocolate Siamese Cat Macarons (Phay Shing) 
Cartoon Bulldog Macarons with Dark Chocolate Ganache (Phay Shing) 
Lavendar Earl Grey Pink Unicorn Macaron Carousel III (Phay Shing)
Descendants of the Sun Plush Toy Macarons with Lemon Filling (Phay Shing)
Sheep Matcha Macaron Carousel (Phay Shing)
Minnie Mouse Ribbon Vanilla Macarons (Phay Shing)
Elsa and Olaf Macarons with Whipped Earl Grey White Chocolate Ganache (Phay Shing)
Hello Kitty Macarons with Strawberry White Chocolate Ganache (Phay Shing)
Elephant Macarons with Salted Egg Custard and Earl Grey Filling (Phay Shing)
Rainbow & Unicorn Macarons with Earl Grey White Chocolate Ganache (Phay Shing)
Father's Day Special: Star Wars Assorted Macarons  (Phay Shing)
Banana Macarons with Whipped Earl Grey White Chocolate Ganache (Phay Shing)
Charlie Brown and Snoopy Lemon Macarons (Phay Shing)
Woodland Creature Macarons with Salted Caramel or Coconut Ganache Filling (Phay Shing)
Safari Animals Assorted Macarons (Phay Shing)
Piano Keyboard Macarons (Phay Shing) 
Minions and Monster Mike Macarons with Dark Chocolate Ganache (Phay Shing)
Barnyard Themed Macarons & Brown Sugar Cookies (Phay Shing)
'Kenji the Fluffy Dog' Macarons with Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream (Phay Shing) 
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Unicorn Macaron Carousel II (reduced sugar recipe) (Phay Shing) 
Unicorn Macarons with Spiced Apple Swiss Meringue Buttercream & Salted Caramel (Phay Shing) 
Reduced-Sugar Macaron Shell Recipe & Video Tutorial For Piping Large Circles (Phay Shing) 
Pusheen Cat Macarons with Dark Chocolate Ganache (Phay Shing)  
Peter Rabbit Macarons with Dark Chocolate Ganache (Phay Shing) 
Nautical Macarons on Lychee Yoghurt Chiffon Cupcakes (Phay Shing) 
Christian Themed Easter Macarons (Phay Shing)  
Miffy Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Macarons (Phay Shing) 
Tsum Tsum Chip and Dale Earl Grey Macarons (Phay Shing) 
Meeples Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Macarons (Phay Shing)   
'Rainbow on Clouds' Salted Caramel and Lemon Macarons (Phay Shing)  
Unicorn and Shooting Star Macarons (Phay Shing) 
Unicorn Macaron Carousel (Phay Shing) 
Boy & Girl Bear Macarons (Phay Shing)
Barnyard Animals Assorted Macarons (Phay Shing) 
Baby Jesus, Star and Sheep Macarons (Phay Shing)
Guinea Pig Stuffed Toy Giant Macaron (Phay Shing) 
Hippo Apple Salted Caramel Macarons (Phay Shing)
'Christmas Bears' Macarons (Phay Shing)
Pirate Assorted Macarons -- sea themed macarons part 2 (Phay Shing)
Animal Train Macarons (Phay Shing)
Safari Themed Macarons with Milo Swiss Meringue Buttercream (Phay Shing)
Mermaid Assorted Macarons -- sea themed macarons part 1 (Phay Shing)
Rainbow Bear Macarons with Earl Grey and Matcha White Chocolate Fillings (Phay Shing)
Brown and Cony Macarons (Phay Shing)
Cinnamaroll & Tuxedo Sam Earl Grey White Chocolate Macarons (Tsum Tsum series part 4) (Phay Shing)
Hiro Raspberry White Chocolate Macarons (Tsum Tsum series part 5) (Phay Shing)
Strawberry Macaron Pops with Strawberry White Chocolate Filling (Phay Shing)
Little Twin Stars Macarons (Tsum Tsum series part 3) (Phay Shing)
Rilakkuma & Kiiroitori Dark Chocolate Macarons (Tsum Tsum series part 1) (Phay Shing)
My Melody & Piano Raspberry White Chocolate Macarons (Tsum Tsum series part 2) (Phay Shing)
Snowflake Earl Grey & Matcha White Chocolate Macaron Pops (Phay Shing)
'Bears with Beer Mugs' Matcha & Earl Grey White Chocolate Macarons (Phay Shing)
Lightning McQueen and Car Tyre Macarons (Phay Shing)
Soccerball Macarons (Phay Shing)
Guinea Pig Macarons with Peppermint Milk Chocolate (Phay Shing)
Totoro Assorted Macarons (Phay Shing)
Clownfish Macarons with Peppermint White Chocolate (Phay Shing)
Horse Milo Macarons (Phay Shing)
Mickey Mouse Gloves and Pants Macarons (Phay Shing)
Crab Macarons with Salted Egg Yolk Swiss Meringue Buttercream (Phay Shing)
Smiley Panda Assorted Macarons (Phay Shing)
'Molang with Apple' Apple Salted Caramel Macarons (Phay Shing)
Princess Crown Assorted Macarons (Phay Shing)
Piglet Assorted Macarons (Phay Shing)
Pink & Blue Care Bears Rose and Lavender Macarons (Phay Shing)
Little Twin Stars Rose and Lavender Macarons (Phay Shing)
Giraffe & Horse Earl Grey and Cocoa Macarons with Whipped Caramel Filling (Phay Shing)
'Killer Heels' Rose and Lavender Macarons (Phay Shing)
Keroppi Matcha Macarons with Azuki Bean Swiss Meringue Buttercream (Phay Shing)
Rilakkuma Earl Grey and Cocoa Macarons with Whipped Caramel Filling (Phay Shing)
Angry Bird and Ladybug Macarons (Phay Shing)
Hello Kitty Macarons with Chocolate Ganache (& mild rose flavoured shells) (Phay Shing)
Elmo Red Yeast and Beetroot Macarons with Chocolate Ganache (Phay Shing)
Rilakkuma and Miffy Macarons (Phay Shing)
My Melody Strawberry Macarons (Phay Shing)
Peppa Pig & Friends Assorted Macarons (Phay Shing)
Badtz Maru Cookies n Cream Macarons (Phay Shing)
Garfield Earl Grey Salted Caramel Macarons (Phay Shing)
Mickey & Minnie Cookies and Cream Macarons (updated version) (Phay Shing)
Bumblebee Cookies n Cream Macarons (Phay Shing)
Panda Macarons with Lemon and Chocolate Fillings (Phay Shing)
Snoopy Macarons with Lemon and Chocolate Filling (Phay Shing)
Mickey and Minnie Mouse Oreo Cookies N Cream Macarons (Phay Shing)
Peppa Pig Macarons with Raspberry Swiss Meringue Buttercream & Chocolate Ganache (Phay Shing)
Osmanthus Macarons with Osmanthus Pastry Cream and Wolfberries (Phay Shing)
Earl Grey Salted Caramel Teddy and Koala Macarons (Phay Shing)
Peanut Butter and Chocolate Macarons (Phay Shing)
Matcha Macarons with Azuki Beans and White Chocolate Ganache (Phay Shing)


  1. Do you have any video on your macaron on youtube

    1. Hi Joyce,

      You may click on the "video tutorials" tab at the side bar and you will find a series of video tutorials on YouTube that I have for macarons :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Jany,
      Yes I do. Please email me at the address that can be found in the "About us". Thank you!

  3. Hi Phay Shing. I bought your macaron book and love it so much! I have a question though, what should I do if the edges of my macarons seem to be browning too fast?

    1. Hi MizReeney,
      Thank you for your support :). Did you use an oven thermometer at all times? Is the fan mode of your oven on? Don't use the fan mode. You may try reducing the oven temperature after the first 10 minutes of baking. An initial higher temperature is necessary to prevent the shells from being hollow but you may reduce the temperature to 130°C between 10-20minutes and to 110°C if the shells are still not done after 20 minutes. I find that no browning happens at 110°C. I hope this helps!

    2. Thanks for the reply! I did use an oven thermometer and it was at around 120C most of the time as far as I could tell. I am thinking also that maybe it's the artificial icing colour. I made light blue elephants and the edges turned brown. I read online that some icing colours arent suited for baking as they end up fading to a brown colour.

    3. Usually it's the natural food colouring that browns more easily. You can try using gel food colouring for blue. Those are pretty vibrant.

    4. Not at the moment although I am open to this option in the future :)

    5. If u do I will be the first one to sign up! I am sad that my macarons turned out horrible. Cracks and browned edges 😭

    6. Feel free to email me and I am more than happy to help you troubleshoot. I give people "private lessons by remote" this way free of charge and they do see better results!

  4. Hi Phay Shing! I also just bought your new book! I just want to clarify a point on the macaronage. Is the batter for macaron art undermined just slightly, as compared to standard Macarons? I currently use the French method. Many thanks!

  5. Hi Phay Shing. I bought your macaron book recently and have my first attempt to make macarons yesterday. The end result is macaron cookies, i.e. instead of the mararon with soft texture it became as hard as cookies (I know I am not talented in this). Do you know what have gone wrong based on your past experience? Could it be I have boiled the sugar solution for too long? Or something else?


    1. Hi Theresa,

      The cookie-like texture is fine actually :). It's just overbaked. This can be easily corrected by aging with filling in the fridge. You may fill it with fillings with higher liquid content such as lemon curd or jams to soften the shells faster. You may notice that I always suggest eating the macarons at least 24 h after filling. This is to allow some time for the shells to mature with the filling. Overbaking slightly is better than underbaking your shells.

      Thank you for your support!

  6. Hello Phay, Does your book have the stencils of the characters, that I can use?

    1. Hi,
      My book has the templates for all 30 designs at the back of the book that you may use :)

  7. Hi Phay Shing
    Thanks for this very informative site! Would like to check with you- I often have hollow macarons- how do I improve on these?
    How can I store the macarons shells after baking? I have filled them up previously after baking (cooled) but on 2 days later, it appears to be a bit "Wet" though I have stored them in an airtight container in the fridge.
    Thanks in advance for your advice.

    1. Hi Cynthia,
      Hollow shells can be due to a few reasons or a combination of them. Your shells are underbaked, temperature is too low at the first half of baking time, you didn't bang the tray on table after piping the shells, under-folded batter.

      By "wetness" are you referring to the condensation that appears on the shells when you take the macarons out of the fridge? That is normal in hot and humid weather like Singapore. Just leave the macarons out for 10-15 minutes and that wet sheen should disappear.

      I hope this helps :)

  8. Hi, I bought your macaron book as I'm very captivated by the various designs. I tried the icecream macarons. But the surface appeared browning and not smooth. I use Rowenta fan oven at 130 deg for 20 min.

    I also tried the typical round macaron but the feet is lopsided. hope you can help..thanks.

    1. Hi Noraini,
      Thank you for your support :). Is the fan mode on while baking your macarons? I tend to get warp shells (uneven surface at the top), lopsided feet or shells that brown quickly if I leave the fan in the oven on. Please use top and bottom heat only. I hope this helps!

    2. Hi,
      Yes, I was told to use fan mode to avoid getting browning macarons. and so, I bought the Rowenta oven. If I use the top and bottom heat, what temperature setting should I use. I know each oven is different. thanks.

    3. Hi Noraini,

      Use the lowest rack too. I usually start with 140°C then lower the temperature to 120°C after the first 11-15 min depending on size of macaron shell and colour of shells. After 20 min if the shells are not dry the temperature should reduce further to 110°C and bake for as long as it is needed to dry the shells completely.

  9. Thanks, Shing Tan. I will try as suggested. :)

  10. Hi Phay,
    I use the French method and my macarons turn out perfect except they brown too quickly which is a problem when I colour them. I use a fan oven at 140 for 14 mins. What can I do to stop browning?

    1. Hi Mahdiyah,
      I don't recommend using the fan mode when baking macarons because that causes browning easily. Use the lowest or second lowest rack when baking. I would suggest preheating oven to 160℃ then lower the temperature to 140℃ once the tray is in the oven but with fan off. If the shells are pastel or white, reduce temperature to 120℃ after the first 10-12 min of baking. Baking time is usually 17-20 min but it depends on the size of your macaron shells. I check to see that the feet appear dry to gauge for doneness. Do note that the temperature and time o suggested is a gauge as each oven is different. You have to play around with your oven settings to find the optimum temperature and time. The rule of thumb for baking macarons is to start at a higher temperature to make sure the structure sets, then reduce temperature towards later part of baking time to prevent browning. Use an oven thermometer at all times too.

  11. Thank you, I'll try that.
    The other question I had is what brand of food colouring do you use?

    1. I use a combination of Wilton and americolour. I use white powder colouring for white.

  12. Hi Phay,
    Just wanted to let you know that although I couldn't turn the fan function off, I tried the temperature you suggested and they didn't brown. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Mahdiyah,
      Great to know that it works for you! A lot of the baking skills comes from learning how to work with your oven :)

  13. Hi, wondering if you hold classes, I’m Indonesian so I’d like to fly there when u have one. ��

    1. Hi Erna,
      Yes I conduct macaron classes but not often. I am planning for one class in November and one in December. Both with designs taken from my upcoming macaron Basics book. I will advertise on the blog about a month the before the class so keep a lookout for it :)

  14. hi..good morning

    may I know I need use aged egg whiteS for the macaron recepi?



    1. Hi Tracy,
      It's not necessary to use aged egg whites although it is preferable

  15. Die Bilder sind wirklich klasse und erinnern mich an die Leckereien im Wellnesshotel in Nauders wo ich mal war... Ganz toll :)