Saturday, 9 January 2021

Macaron Teacup Bouquet (Online class)

 This was a last minute decision but I am glad we made it! I am supposed to teach the Chinese New Year themed macaron teacups with an auspicious Chinese character "吉" on it in a week's time. But because the class looks set to be small and there was interest in an online class for macaron teacups, we decided to do a video of the physical class to create an online class.

Most of my followers on Instagram and people from the macaron Facebook group aren't Chinese so I thought something that is more Valentine's Day themed might be more suitable. So it was a last minute decision to include a bonus design for transforming the red macaron teacups into one suitable for Valentine's Day.

Instead of giving your loved one a bouquet of flowers, why not give edible bouquets in macaron teacups instead!

As a friend rightly pointed out, this is suitable for Mother's Day as well! I decided to keep this bonus design simple with simple hearts as teacup decorations, and simple rosettes and leaves piped using buttercream. If you have a mini Russian tip for piping roses, those will work great too! 

In this class, I will demo how to decorate the teacups with hearts, and pipe the buttercream bouquet, in addition to showing how to make the Chinese New Year teacups below. 

If you are interested in this online class, please contact Sharon at whatsapp +65 96882777.  Alternatively, click on this link for more details of this class. There is no closing date for registering for the online class but please do so soon if you would like to learn how to make these before Valentine's Day. 

With love, 

Phay Shing

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  1. Hi ..I was just going thru pinterest..saw ur macaron tea cup class.R u still having the class .
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