Thursday, 28 January 2021

McDull Lychee Choux Pastries

This is a way overdue post! I forgot I made these choux pastries end of 2019! 

Besides making McDull macarons for a request, I made some Choux pastries as well 😊

McDull in apple and watermelon suits! 

I filled the pastries with lychee pastry cream that is lightened with non-dairy whipped cream. Recipe can be found here. The detailed recipe for choux pastry batter and craquelin can be found here. I made these pastries at the same time as the Pokemon ones, that's why the same filling is used.

I must admit that this set is rather challenging in terms of maintaining the puffiness and colour of the baked pastry cases at the same time. Originally I planned for McDull in pineapple suit as well but the colour contrast between the resulting light brown and yellow is poor so I decided to drop it.

Piped batter with the various coloured and patterned craquelin

Freshly baked choux pastry cases. 

I piped the snouts and limbs of McDull separately and baked for a shorter time.

Royal icing was used to decorate the pastry cases as well as to join the parts together.

You may refer to my Deco Choux Pastries book for more Choux pastry ideas and techniques!

With love,
Phay Shing

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