Thursday, 14 January 2021

Jawa and Tusken Raider Dark Chocolate and Earl Grey Macarons

I was asked to make some macarons for a Star Wars fan club event that was supposed to happen back in May last year but it got postponed until end November due to the pandemic. The drawings for a rather chibi version of Jawa and Tusken raiders were given to me so it was very helpful when I had to make a total of 66 character macarons like these! 

I used the Swiss meringue method to make these macarons. The shells alone I chose to split over 2 days to bake as I still have my hands full with family. 

Here are some photos of the piped batter... 

Piped Jawas! 

Piped Tusken raiders! 

I decorated the shells with edible marker and royal icing.  It took me 2 days to complete decorating the shells. 

See the awesome feet! 

See the awesome feet on these too! 

I filled the macarons with dark chocolate ganache and Earl Grey ganache

Here is another peek at the assembled macarons! 

With love, 

Phay Shing

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