Thursday, 12 August 2021

Mid-Autumn Macaron Special (Mooncarons & Teacup Bunnies)

These macarons are actually class material with Artz Baking and Culinary Studio but I couldn't resist taking photos of them, and making the bunnies hold teeny mooncakes for the occassion! 

Mooncarons and bunny in teacup oolong osmanthus macarons! All ready to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival! 

I made mooncarons or macarons that look and taste like mooncakes since 2017 but this is the first time I am teaching a hands-on class for it. I tweaked the recipe a little for the class but technique is essentially what I shared in the previous years in the blog. 

Close up view of the cross-section of a mooncaron! Filing is mung bean paste and salted egg yolk! 

The bunny in teacup macaron class has been running for a number of rounds since last year and this will he the last one for the forseeable future so I took the chance to make it more memorable by including the teeny royal icing transfer mooncakes. My elder kid originally designed the bunny template and it was intended for Mid-Autumn festival at its debut, that's why the flavour is oolong osmanthus. The yellow macaron shells are passionfruit osmanthus flavoured, fruity and floral, so good you can even eat it on its own! 

I hope these bakes put a smile on your face as it did on mine 😊. 

With love,

Phay Shing

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