Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Piggy Macaron Carousel

It's the first time I get a request for pig themed macaron carousel and I took the liberty of making it a little different from my usual carousels.

Somebody is being cheeky and climbed onto the roof! You can almost hear the piggy snigger 😝! 

I used the Swiss method to make the macaron shells and you may refer to this post for the recipe.

Just to share some photos of the process...

Piping the piggies 

Piping carousel frame pieces. I use Teflon sheet instead of parchment paper for larger pieces so that the base of the macaron shell can remain flat as parchment tends to wrinkle up under the piped batter for larger macarons. 

Nutella was requested as the filling but I added an outer ring of salted caramel filling for aesthetics. Dark brown filling wouldn't look as good against the blue carousel frame. The salted caramel filling is fairly firm as you don't want the piggies to slide down the pole. I will share the recipe here.

Recipe for salted caramel filling
70g Salted caramel chips
10g Cocoa butter
20g Vegetable shortening
1/4 tsp Sea salt
1/4 tsp Caramel flavouring (optional)

Steps :
1. Place salted caramel chips, cocoa butter and vegetable shortening in microwave safe bowl. Heat on medium-low power for 10 seconds and mix well. Repeat heating and mixing until everything is melted nd smooth. Do not overheat or the mixture will separate. Use some force to mash the salted caramel chips against side of bowl during mixing to help it melt more evenly and more quickly.

2. Add salt and caramel flavouring. Mix well.

3. Chill the mixture in freezer for 1 to 2 min. Stir and whip until texture is lightened. You can choose to let the mixture sit at room temperature until it firm's up to toothpaste consistency without whipping as well but I prefer the former.

4. Transfer filling to piping bag and fill the macaron shells.

Filling the piggies with salted caramel and Nutella. I decorated the shells with edible marker and royal icing

Let this set overnight at cool room temperature in airtight condition. 

Fill the carousel frame macarons in a similar way. 

With love,
Phay Shing


  1. Hi
    May I know if I have 2 trays of Macarons to bake, do I pipe it all at once? What is the best method?

    1. Depends on humidity of environment. I usually just pipe all at once but bake a tray at a time. It's humid here so I can do that. But if your environment is dry it is best to pipe the second tray when the first one is in the oven

  2. Thanks a lot. I m also in Sgp. I have piped all at once but my second tray’s top crack, maybe my oven is too hot. I will try again. Thank you

    1. Usually it is first tray that will crack if there is any cracking when you pipe all at once because it is rested for a shorter time 😂

  3. Hi, have u ever used French method to do? Will it hold nicely as swiss method? For the veg shortening in the filling can I replace it with oil or butter?

    1. Yes you may use French method too but my preference is to use Swiss or Italian method for larger batches with multiple colours. I use vegetable shortening because Singapore is very warm and you want somehthing that can hold up in the weather. Butter would be a better substitution than oil for vegetable shortening.