Sunday 24 September 2017

Peach Kakao Chiffon Cake

Who wants to hug this? =) Peach kakao character from the Korean kakao friends. Who knew peaches could be so cute! Apparently this Apeach character has a playful personally and is a genetically modified peach.. hmm =)

This is a giant peach character made from chiffon cake measuring 14 inches long! Quite a bit of carving work for this one. I used strawberry yoghurt chiffon cake with reduced egg yolk vanilla chiffon cake. Thankful cake was well-received!

With lots of love,

PS: Those who preordered the new Deco Chiffon Cakes Basics book, the books are here!! I am still not done sorting with them, so sorry about it. We pulled an all nighter last night and mailed out over 3/4 today! Thanks so much for your patience and support again!

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