Thursday 7 September 2017

Miffy and Flowers Snowskin Mooncake

My family loves snowskin mooncakes. I've had 3 mooncake playdates with little kids so far! The kids love playing "playdoh" with them =). I made these simple Miffy and normal 3D flowers snowskin mooncake together with the kids. I used the Redman brand reduced sugar white lotus paste from Phoon Huat for the filling, an all-time favorite. A lighter colour paste will help the mooncakes to look cleaner on the outside for light coloured skin. I also used olive oil to replace shortening for healthier mooncakes. They keep soft slightly shorter than those with shortening (around 3-4 days airtight). After that, we found that bringing them to room temperature will make the mooncakes soft again. Here's the recipe I used, adapted from Baking taitai and Phay shing's CAM session.

Snowskin Mooncake (makes 17 of 50g mooncakes)

150g cooked glutinous rice flour (kou fien)
180g icing sugar
35g olive oil (choose a light-colored and low-odor type)
190g water
500g lotus paste

Extra kou fien for dusting

1. Sift cooked glutinous rice flour and icing sugar together in a mixing bowl and stir well.

2. Combine water and olive oil in another bowl.

3. Add the liquid mixture gradually into the flour mixture (do not pour all at once). Use a spatula or gloves to mix until a smooth dough is formed.

*For multicolour, I divided the dough into 3 and added 1/2 tsp strawberry paste, 1/2 durian paste and the plain dough plain. For one colour, you may add the flavouring/colour directly to the liquid mixture.

4. Cover with cling wrap and let the dough rest for 15 minutes. 

5. Divide the snowskin dough into 20g for each mooncake (for my small 50g moulds).

6. Divide each lotus paste into 30g lotus paste per portion for each mooncake filling.

7. Pair the white lotus paste with the snowskin:
- Dust the mooncake moulds.
- Wrap each portion of filling with a portion of snowskin.
- Press into mooncake mould firmly.
- Push out (letting go at the same time) and chill before serving.

*For Miffy, after wrapping a portion of filling with the snowskin, I rolled into a ball instead of pushing into the plunger. The ears used 1/2 the lotus paste and 1/2 the snowskin.

We had lots of fun making them!

With lots of love,
Susanne =)

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