Sunday 10 September 2017

Chiffon Mooncakes (Chocolate)

I dressed up some Peanut Butter Chiffon Cakes as Mooncakes last year as gifts for teachers and friends! They were such a hit, I was requested to make these again =p.

This year, I played around with different flavour pairings - Chocolate Chiffon Cake as the "Chocolate lotus paste" and both Strawberry Jam (pink) and Pandan Kaya (green) Chiffon Cakes baked as sheets as the "Skin".

You can refer to the same method/pictures to make the Mooncake Chiffon Cake from last year, except I substituted the 4-inch Peanut Butter Chiffon Cake recipe for Low Sugar Chocolate Chiffon Cake recipe. The Strawberry Jam skin used is the same. Recipe for the green Pandan Kaya Chiffon Cake has been shared here (scale down to 2 egg recipe for the sheet cake).

Hope you like these cute creations!

PS: I also made real lotus paste Snowskin mooncakes this year too, using olive oil (instead of shortening). Hop on to my previous post if you like Miffy =)

With lots of love,

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  1. i would love to know where you buy the 4 inch plunger pleaseeee!!! <3

    1. Thanks I got it online, you can find it on Amazon or ebay. I think it's the 250 or 200g mooncake plunger. I got it so that it's faster to use up my lotus paste initially =pp Thanks