Tuesday 19 September 2017

Cinamoroll Chiffon Pudding Cake

Happy birthday to my dearest hubby! He's the best who asks me to make what I like for his birthday lol! =p I truly thank God for him and he is my best curator, advisor and support. And a great daddy too! Back to the creation, when I first saw this Cinamoroll from sanrio, my heart just melted. I finally got to make it today.

My base 'pudding' cake is a still bit experimental so I will be sharing about this at a later time =). For the Cinamoroll rabbit, I used the same reduced egg white chiffon recipe as my Miffy.

With lots of love,

*Updates: Those who preordered the new Basics book below, I should be getting the books by this weekend! Weee... Thank you so much for your kind support again!! <3

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