Sunday 17 September 2017

Disney Princess Tier Chiffon Cake

3 tier Princess tier Chiffon Cake fit for a princess! 

I made this for a close friend's daughter. She's in the mummies group which started me on my baking journey and I'm forever so grateful for them!! <3  

The party theme was Disney princess fairytales so the top tier was inspired by Cinderella (see my previous work on Cinderella carriage chiffon cake), middle by Aurora. As for the bottom tier, do you find it familiar?

Yes it's Beauty and the Beast-themed =). With different colours, I got to make different flavours so that there's a flavour for everyone! The top is vanilla, middle is strawberry-vanilla, and bottom is lemon chiffon, made with lemon zest and juice =).And coloured naturally as well! 

For this cake, I am using the awesome Magic colours Natural coloring range that was generously gifted. This type of coloring is also stocked by Bake king in Singapore. Do take note that different colours have varying intensities so different amounts are required, but their yellow, as seen on the cake above, is truly outstanding and red, lovely as well. I have yet to test out all their new colours =). 

I also got to try out the bead-imprint design for the Aurora tier finally. I've done cuts and beads previously actually, but never had the guts to do it for the entire cake! It was quite a lot of work but thank God it worked out well.

This is one of the few times I'm at the actual celebration of the cake I make =). So I actually get to take a picture of a cut slice! This is the half eaten slice from my son's plate, pardon the messy slice as I didn't stop him fast enough =p. 

Thank God cake was very well-received and the party was wonderful. And there was lots of love!! That is what really encourages me to continue to make these loving creations! 

Have a blessed week ahead!

With lots of love,


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